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Shows must go on at the Players Theatre, Hurstpierpoint


Productions in the Players Theatre on the High Street will continue during the summer as it is proposed that the renovations will now take place in the autumn. It is hoped that the initial work will concentrate on new seating and heating system, making it an even more welcoming place to watch plays, productions and films.

The next production is Rope, by former Hassocks resident Patrick Hamilton, which is being presented by the Players Theatre 2nd-6th April. It’s a mysterious play, a why - rather than who – dunnit! The audience knows from the onset who is responsible for the gruesome murder. The contrasting collection of guests are assembled to enjoy a macabre supper party at the mercy of their hosts’ flawed personalities. Not a play for the kiddies!

Jo Kearns, the play’s director, explained: “Whilst I was suffering from serious illness a couple of years ago, the nurses encouraged me to plan for future events, and to place on a wish list ideas that had previously only been a figment of imagination. As I was keen to direct a play, ‘Rope’ became my directorial debut, which so far has been a challenging but highly enjoyable experience.”

St Lawrence Fair 2018, Hurstpierpoint, photo round-up

St Lawrence Fair, annual community fair in village of Hurstpierpoint

St Lawrence Fair, annual community fair in village of Hurstpierpoint

By Nicola Stenning

Phew what a scorcher! One of the hottest Fair days that most of us on the committee can remember and we think one of the best ones (again).

Just a short write up from your Fair committee this month to say thank you once again for coming out and supporting us over Fair weekend. To all of you that attended and to all of you that gave your time in getting either yourselves or your children kitted out for the fantastic procession, to those who ‘flossed’ and those who tidied!

We have literally billions (well tens) of people to specifically thank and will try to draw that list up for an article in the September edition as we don’t want to miss anyone, and we are all still a little frazzled to be honest. 

You know who you are, and we couldn’t do this without you.

Have a great summer – from your Fair committee.

Where’s your nearest defibrillator in Hurstpierpoint?

Since running an article back in February this year, we have had a number of people come forward to update our listings of the most local installations of these mobile defibrillators. We committed to print this information from time to time in order to help us all know and learn where to go, for that moment when we might just need to know.

We’d like to encourage everyone living and working in the village to familiarise themselves with the sites of the lifesaving defibrillator machines and learn how to use them.

Hurstpierpoint has four machines: One on the outside wall at the Fairfield Rec on Cuckfield Road, another is situated in the Bowls Club on South Avenue Rec, a third is inside the Medical Centre on Trinity Road and the final defib machine is mounted on the wall in the alleyway between Morley’s and Olive on the High Street. 

In Sayers Common there is one on the outside wall of the Community Shop (by the door to the hall). While in Albourne there is one inside the Primary School, in the gym of Wickwoods Country Club (up Shaves Wood Lane) and one mounted on the outside wall of Albourne Village Hall, to the right of the entrance doors. Not all of these will be available 24/7 but the outside ones listed (right) should be.

All of the machines are portable and contain full instructions, but why not give yourself a head start with an online tutorial?


Time for changes to The Village Centre in Hurstpierpoint?

By Michèle Copeland

Hurstpierpoint's Village Centre

Hurstpierpoint's Village Centre

The Village Centre is considering a major redevelopment of its facilities to bring the building up to date with current regulations, carry out various repairs, enhance the facilities for its predicted use over the coming years and to improve the appearance of the centre, in terms of decor.

Michel Olszewski, chair of the Trustees of The Village Centre committee, explains: “The needs of the community are outgrowing the accommodation The Village Centre currently has and we are considering upgrading the main hall, the meeting room, the kitchen and the Club Room. The library is the responsibility of Mid Sussex District Council. The Village Centre was first extended in 1998. There was a further update, which took two years from 2004 to 2006 - nearly 15 years ago now, when the Parish Room was re-housed.” 

“As The Village Centre is very much a community building,” Michel continues, “we would like to involve the Hurst community in this important project. Our current considerations may include several changes, which could impact on the different groups and members of the public who use the centre, such as alterations to the steps and ramp to the hall, general layout and an extension.”

The team thought that the best way to interact with the residents of Hurst would be through a questionnaire and so they would be grateful for anyone who could email with responses to the following questions: 
1. In addition to current accommodation, are there any additional facilities you would like to see?
2. Would you find a changing room/cloakroom accommodation useful?
3. What aspects of the Centre would you most want or need to be retained?
4. Are they any additions to the facilities that would enable you to use the Centre more often?
5. What are the best parts of the Centre which encourage you to use the facility?

Any feedback should be sent to the current HVCA Secretary, Andrew Hair, via email to: andrewhinhurst @ gmail.com

The Regina Monologues comes to Hurstpierpoint

Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived. There’s more to this little phrase than meets the eye as Hurstpierpoint Players’ next production, The Regina Monologues by Rebecca Russell and Jenny Wafer, proves!

The writers transplant the stories of the six wives of Henry VIII into the 21st century and by doing so show that their lives are not that far removed from those of modern women. Cleverly constructed, this is not a series of six monologues spoken one after the other.

Each wife takes a turn to reveal another bit of their story, which serves to hold the audience’s interest as all the tales reach their climax at once.

The Regina Monologues is both extremely funny and poignant, changing in the space of seconds, done with as much skill as Alan Bennett shows in his ability to find humour in the minutiae of life as well as in the big relationships! Coincidentally the show is accompanied by some of Bennett’s Talking Heads plays: Hand of God, Miss Fozzard finds her Feet and Soldiering On. At The Players Theatre, High Street, Hurstpierpoint from 28th March until 1st April, starting at 8pm.

Tickets are £10 Tuesday and Wednesday and £11 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They can be purchased from Richwards, 133 High Street, call 01273 834506, or buy online with a 65p booking fee per transaction (not per ticket) and can be posted to you for an extra £1 per transaction. Visit www.hurstplayers.org.uk for details.

Unfortunately Hurst Players are not able to offer price concessions for this production.