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Time for changes to The Village Centre in Hurstpierpoint?

By Michèle Copeland

Hurstpierpoint's Village Centre

Hurstpierpoint's Village Centre

The Village Centre is considering a major redevelopment of its facilities to bring the building up to date with current regulations, carry out various repairs, enhance the facilities for its predicted use over the coming years and to improve the appearance of the centre, in terms of decor.

Michel Olszewski, chair of the Trustees of The Village Centre committee, explains: “The needs of the community are outgrowing the accommodation The Village Centre currently has and we are considering upgrading the main hall, the meeting room, the kitchen and the Club Room. The library is the responsibility of Mid Sussex District Council. The Village Centre was first extended in 1998. There was a further update, which took two years from 2004 to 2006 - nearly 15 years ago now, when the Parish Room was re-housed.” 

“As The Village Centre is very much a community building,” Michel continues, “we would like to involve the Hurst community in this important project. Our current considerations may include several changes, which could impact on the different groups and members of the public who use the centre, such as alterations to the steps and ramp to the hall, general layout and an extension.”

The team thought that the best way to interact with the residents of Hurst would be through a questionnaire and so they would be grateful for anyone who could email with responses to the following questions: 
1. In addition to current accommodation, are there any additional facilities you would like to see?
2. Would you find a changing room/cloakroom accommodation useful?
3. What aspects of the Centre would you most want or need to be retained?
4. Are they any additions to the facilities that would enable you to use the Centre more often?
5. What are the best parts of the Centre which encourage you to use the facility?

Any feedback should be sent to the current HVCA Secretary, Andrew Hair, via email to: andrewhinhurst @