St Lawrence Fair

St Lawrence Fair 2019 - What a weekend in Hurst...


By the St Lawrence Fair Committee

Wow what a weekend! We really hope that you enjoyed the Fair and other events this year. Despite being low on numbers as a committee this year, we had lots of people who came over to the park on both Friday and Saturday and lent us a hand – special mention to Stephen Hills and the Army Cadets who worked tirelessly, others are too numerous to thank here but suffice to say we couldn’t do it without those who just pop over and say ‘What do you need me to do?’

We’d like to thank all of our other contributors: the kid’s entertainers, the fabulous bands (Thing of the Swamp, Soulville and Kieran Murray and Manlove), the procession entries, the stalls, the bar team (including Bedlam) and the acts in the arena. We gave out special thank you gifts to people who always go over and above for us in their own way without us normally having to ask.

They give us their time for free and, again, without them, we would be a bit stuck!

We are taking a break over the summer but look out for news of our AGM, which will be October/November time. We would love some new committee members and obviously welcome anyone who has any thoughts and ideas to come along and share them.

Goodbye for the summer from all of us.

St Lawrence Fair 2019 - Hurstpierpoint

Children’s Events for St Lawrence Fair 2019

Not long to go until the 2019 Fair - we hope to see you all there. On the page opposite you will find the events that are taking place running up to the Fair. We will give you the procession route and full schedule for Fair Saturday in next month’s issue.

Talking about the procession, last year was exceptionally hot and we have decided that we need a plan if it is as hot (or hideously wet) for the well-being of our processioners! With this in mind, if it is very hot or very wet we will turn left out of Marchants Road and come straight up Cuckfield Road to the roundabout and along the High Street, cutting out the middle of Cuckfield Road and Western Road and coming past the Church. We have to think about our lovely walkers and Marching Band - we hope you understand. We will take the decision about this on the Friday late afternoon and publicise it as much as possible. All procession participants will be contacted and told at this time and the procession will leave later as it will not take as long to get around the shortened route.

Now onto something we think is quite exciting - we will have six VIP tables (to seat 10) available for sale for our Friday Bands and BBQ. These will be £100 and have a great location for watching the music and getting to HurstBarPoint. If you would like a table please email: stlawrencefair First come, first paid, first served!

St Lawrence Fair Fun Run - 6th July 2019


By Mike Thatcher

St Lawrence Fair Fun Run in Hurstpierpoint

Although the St Lawrence Fair seems a long way off, preparation is already underway, and perhaps none more so than for anyone who is thinking of entering the Fun Run this year. It has become an integral part of Fair Day and I met with race organiser Benny Coxhill along with two of last year’s winners Laura O’Grady Serrut and Freddie Shalloe.

First conceived by Andrew Priddell, it used to be a much longer route, up to ten miles and going up Wolstonbury twice. Benny then got involved: “I used to see it go past my house in Bedlam Street and think I would like to do that, so I started training but that was the year they stopped running it! A group of us revived it about 20 years ago.”

Benny took over the running of the event from Ian Bush ten years ago. “We usually get about 100 people in total, 60 or 70 for the long course and 20 or 30 for the short course, but it would be nice to have a few more.

We have had all sorts of runners over the years. Some serious runners; people have come from Scotland and even the Netherlands, so you get all sorts of people.”

The long course goes over the top of Wolstonbury Hill and is just over five miles long. The shorter course cuts towards Danny House and over the fields and is close to a mile and half long. There’s a short stretch of road on New Way Lane, and the race organisers are grateful to Danny House as they need permission to run on the drive. It can be a moment to frighten or inspire the runners according to Benny: “You can see the great hill behind the house and think I’ve got to go up there!”

As much as anything, the race couldn’t be run without volunteers. Benny is particularly grateful for one group’s help: “The Army Cadets are really good. They are from Hurst but also recruit from other branches. They are great, and they do whatever is asked of them.”

If helping out at a water station appeals to you then please let Benny know. It’s a great job for dog walkers who don’t mind waiting somewhere on the route for an hour. As Laura said: “It gets really hot during the race, so we are really grateful for the water stations and volunteers.”

Race Day is Saturday 6th July this year. If you can help in any way email: stlawrencefair.funrun at

St Lawrence Fair 2018 - Save the Date

By Neil Constantine, co-chair

The first thing we want to make sure that you all know is that this year the Fair will be on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th June – a week earlier than normal. This is because our friends at Harris Fair have an event clash which happens every five years or so.

The St Lawrence Fair will be on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th June 2018

In our last article we explained that we were basing our theme on World War I and the role that Hurstpierpoint took in the peace declaration.

Following lots of discussion the theme is VICTORY. We hope this gives our fabulous traders and procession floats a nice wide scope for decorations and costumes.

And so on to the procession. Our procession organiser remains Phil Willoughby, who will, once again, be at the forefront of our fantastic procession. 

If you would like to apply to take part in the procession, please email him on: phil@

You will recall we helped Father Christmas travel around the village in December, and it was great to see everyone out to support him. A big thank you to Gareth and Crispin from Burgess Hill Round Table for their support. We raised over £400 towards the 2018 Fair. We’re sorry if you missed him, but the great news is that this year he has asked us to help him out again and this time he wants to see even more of you so has asked if we can tow his sleigh around on three nights and cover even more of our streets. Look out for more info later in the year.

Bridget Hamilton, an ex-committee member, is launching herself into something new as you may have read in Hurst Life – Cycling without Age Hurst and Hassocks. Always wanting to support our friends and local causes, we are pleased to announce that we are donating £400 to this cause to help get this amazing project off the ground locally. This takes this year’s charity donations to £2,500. We wish everyone well in this new endeavour.

Excitingly, we welcome some new committee members too – Sophie Rees has joined us to focus on Social Media and Marketing. Sarah Burnell and Becky Orpin have also joined us to take over the running of the children’s events, so look out for news of these activities in future issues of this magazine. 

Information can also be found on our Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Lastly, we are in the process of drawing up our sponsorship and advertising packages, so, local businesses, if you are interested in hearing about them please email us on stlawrencefair at, and for any other queries please also use this email address. Any potential stall holders can email stlawrencefair.stalls 

We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s events.

St Lawrence Fair AGM - 12th October 2017


The St Lawrence Fair committee will hold this year’s post-Fair Annual General Meeting, which will be held on Thursday 12th October at 8pm in the New Inn.

Co-chair Gary Thomas said: “We will meet, as usual, in the back room of the pub and look forward to welcoming the village to come and join us for our annual debrief!”

The Fair was as popular as ever in July. You can watch videos which capture the day below:

St Lawrence Fair, Hurstpierpoint - Sat 1st July 2017

The St Lawrence Fair is the most exciting day in the Hurstpierpoint village calendar.

Generations of Hurstpierpoint inhabitants, as well as residents from neighbouring villages, come together to celebrate the 700-year-old tradition of dressing up floats, singing and dancing, taking part in fun competitions and enjoying the range of entertainment, as well as eating and drinking the finest local produce and browsing village trade stalls.

However, it is not free and every year the committee needs to raise funds to cover costs such as health and safety, police and insurance to ensure the smooth running of the Fair.

If you love Hurstpierpoint and the historic St Lawrence Fair, then please donate to keep this wonderful event up and running. The committee is also looking for volunteers to help across the events both on the day (Saturday 1st July) and in the run-up to the Fair.

Friday 30th June - South Avenue Rec
12.30pm-2.30pm - Teddy Bear's Picnic
6pm-7.30pm - Junior Disco (Age 4+)
From 6pm - Family BBQ and Live Music

Saturday 1st July 2017 - Fair Day on South Avenue Recreation Ground
From 12noon on the day, stalls, procession, fun fair, fun run, arena events and food market. 


Hey Mr DJ fundraising event for Village Fair

By Rupert Bates

She mixes dubstep, electro and progressive house into a distinctive Sussex scout hut dance sound and has been hailed as a genre-defining musical entity the world needs more of.

But enough about Rachael Babister, who along with Tara McHale is once again organizing Hurstpierpoint’s Hey Mr DJ event in aid of the Village Fair.

Hey Mr DJ will take place on Saturday May 6th from 7.30pm in the Hurstpierpoint Scout Hut and those looking to channel their inner Guetta or Garrix, or even Sussex’s very own Fatboy Slim, can buy tickets and submit their top three tunes.

“Prior to the event we will draw at random the names of 14 DJs who will get the chance to spin the decks to their favourite songs, supervised by our very own professional DJ Emma Warner,” says Rachael.

“Emma, the only person I know who mixes DJ with IT, will make sure your mixing matches your magic and the dance floor keeps jumping all night. At the end of the evening we will crown the Superstar DJ – the one who gets the most people on the dance floor.”

Emma, or rather DJ-Em-Z, has a love for all genres of music – currently specialising in house and funk. The likes of Madonna, Queen, Blondie, Rick Astley, The Cure, Adam Ant and even opera and folk, have all played their part in making her as she modestly claims ‘one of the top ten female DJs in Hurstpierpoint!’

If you would information on buying tickets (£10) for Hey Mr DJ or would like to help the Village Fair in any way, please email:

St Lawrence Fair 2015, Hurstpierpoint - video round-up

The St Lawrence Fair is held every year in the West Sussex Village of Hurstpierpoint and has been for 702 years! Thats right, over 700 years! 

The movie below is a compliation made up from this years excellent event. 

Watch it and share it. 

Ready, set, go for St Lawrence Fair - Hurstpierpoint.

The St Lawrence Fair, Hurstpierpoint, is finally here with the main fair day on Saturday 4th July.
     In addition to the Hollywood-themed procession, which starts at 1pm from Marchants Road, there will also be a number of other highlights including the pet show, treasure hunt and the St Lawrence Fair Fun Run. The long course (about 5 miles) starts at 2.50pm from the main Fair ground, and the short course (about 1.5 miles) follows at 3.10pm. Both races take a circular route around the village. Adults entry will be £5 per runner and under 16s can take part for £2.50.
     Back at the Fair, the winners of Hurst’s Got Talent 2015 will be performing to officially open the fair, there will be tug of war trials plus more, all headed up by Master of Ceremonies Mike Hudson. 
     Also, there is still time to spot the ‘superstars’ in High Street windows until 2nd July!

For more details please click here.