Juniper Herbs

Natural health right here in Hurstpierpoint

Juniper Herbs, developed by Ellie Ceylan

Juniper Herbs, developed by Ellie Ceylan

Juniper is the brainchild of Ellie Ceylan who graduated as a Herbalist and Naturopath in 2015. As well as bringing up her two children, she spends her spare time foraging, growing herbs and making herbal remedies, with plans to develop a range of skincare products in the near future.

“My aim for Juniper,” explains Ellie, “is to provide natural health solutions so that customers can enjoy optimal health and well-being as well as participating in their own healing process.” She also believes that by promoting herbal medicine and natural healing to the local community she can increase people’s connection to the natural world, whether this is through medicine, educational walks and talks or workshops. Evidence increasingly shows that access to the natural world can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Moving to Hurstpierpoint in 2011 was a big step towards living closer to nature and bringing her children up within a beautiful, rural environment. Ellie explains: “I grew up with a love of nature and feel that our relationship with it has become obscured by our busy, modern lifestyles. I wanted to re-establish that connection and inspire others to develop a greater kinship with nature.” She believes that herbal medicine provides that opportunity – not only is it a chance to heal illness but it’s also about retuning to the natural world.

[Full article published in November 2018 issue of Hurst Life magazine]