Hurstpierpoint Conservation Area Appraisal

A review of village Conservation Areas in Hurstpierpoint


As part of a programme of reviewing Conservation Area Appraisals across the District, Mid Sussex District Council has prepared the Hurstpierpoint Conservation Areas Appraisal, which covers the three Conservation Areas within the village (Hurstpierpoint, Langton Lane and Hurst Wickham). This has been prepared in association with the Hurstpierpoint Society, and identifies the qualities which make the Conservation Areas special, as well as how these qualities can be preserved and enhanced.

This map shows the conservation areas currently in Hurstpierpoint

The Appraisal has highlighted a number of instances where it is felt the boundaries of the Conservation Areas could be usefully extended to include adjoining areas which are considered to have sufficient special interest to merit designation, as well as one instance where it is considered the boundary could be altered to omit buildings which detract from the special interest of the Conservation Area concerned.

Once approved by the Council, the Appraisal will form a material consideration in the determination of planning applications and will inform planning practice and policies for the area. It will also give the local community clear advice on what should be cared for and preserved within the Conservation Areas.


The Conservation Area Appraisal is now complete in draft form. The next stage of the process is a public consultation exercise, in this case with the assistance of the Hurstpierpoint Society and the Parish Council, in which the Council is seeking the views of local residents and other interested parties on the Appraisal and the proposed boundary changes. The consultation included a public exhibition at the Hurstpierpoint Village Centre at the end of last month, but copies of the full Appraisal document are now available to view at Hurstpierpoint Library. The Appraisal is also available to view online at the Council’s website:

MSDC are very keen to hear from anyone with their thoughts on the draft document. Comments can be sent to LDFconsultation @ 

The public consultation began on 16th April and will run until the end of May 2018. There will be a review of the feedback received and any required changes would be made to the Appraisal before it is adopted.