Lustig & Webb celebrate four years in Hurst


With the High Street constantly changing, it’s great to be able to recognise business owners in Hurstpierpoint who have recently celebrated four years running Lustig & Webb – the hair salon tucked away behind Café Murano.

Originally started by Daniel Lustig and Stephen Webb as a pop-up shop - sharing the space with interior designer Angie Cheung - within a year the couple had taken on the whole shop and were employing two additional stylists.

The pair are no strangers to celebrations this year, as they got married in Bordeaux during the summer – with a three-day event including friends and family. “After two years of planning,” Daniel explained, “it was a very special time and fantastic to finally ‘tie the knot’.”

Daniel started work in the hotel industry but trained as a stylist at Toni & Guy and had worked in Brighton for 20 years before opening in the village. Stephen similarly trained at Toni & Guy and enjoyed working in London, Dubai and Brighton – before finally settling down in Hurst. They now live just up the road, in Sayers Common.

“For us,” Daniel says, “it’s all about customer experience. We know many can feel intimidated about coming to a hair salon, so we do everything we can to make clients feel welcome from walking through the door to the ‘goodbye’ as they leave feeling fabulous!”

[Full article published in October 2018 Hurst Life magazine]

Lustig & Webb - Village People

They’ve been cutting your hair for almost a year, while Stephen’s cheeky quips have been amusing the nation on Channel 4’s Gogglebox. But what drew Daniel Lustig and Stephen Webb to Hurstpierpoint? Get to know the village’s newest hairdressers …

     Daniel started hairdressing at Toni & Guy in Brighton aged 19, and since has worked at other salons around Brighton. “I used to work for an independent salon called Ash and I was the manager there for six years,” he says, “then I went to work for Rush for about three years, then I went to work independently for seven years, but the Lustig & Webb whole time I was desperate to open my own salon.”
     Both harbouring the same dream, the two moved to Hurstpierpoint after meeting in a quintessentially British fashion: “We met at Hove Town Hall in the queue,” Stephen laughs. “How romantic!”
     Since moving Daniel and Stephen have embraced village life. “I think Hurstpierpoint’s brilliant,” says Stephen, “because there’s a real slice of life here. I was in Hampers Deli the other day and Bob, the owner, pointed out this lady and said she’s lived here all her life, she’s 103! So there’s people who have lived here all their lives, there’s ex-Brightonians, ex-Londoners and I just think there’s a lot of people from different backgrounds. It’s a real mixed bag here and that’s what I like about it, and everyone just gets on. I just think it really works because it’s on a small scale but there’s a bit of everyone here.

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By Hattie Parish
Previously an interior design shop, Lustig & Webb opened at 99b in the High Street in September 2014. Along with colleague Jacqui and their two dogs Barbara and Betsey, Daniel and Stephen feel they’ve filled a gap in the Hurst hairdressing market. Decorated with striking paintings of iconic hairstyles painted by Daniel’s father, the salon has a modern yet cosy feel.
     “We were thinking about opening up in Brighton first, but then there’s five salons on every street,” Stephen explains. “Even though when we opened we were the seventh kind of hair establishment in the village, we just thought we could fit in. Every salon in this village caters for a different crowd. We just thought we could attract a different clientele that’s maybe going to Brighton or London to get their hair done.”
     Stephen started hairdressing when he left school and in 1992 moved to London to train with Toni & Guy. “I moved down from London about three years ago to Brighton and I’d never heard of Hurstpierpoint,” says Stephen. “Then one day we took a drive over here and as soon as I pulled into the village I just fell in love with it right away.