Tree conversation in Hurstpierpoint


By David Clarke, The Hurstpierpoint Society

Throughout the world there is concern about the vast number of trees being felled, especially in the rain forests. In Hurstpierpoint we have been planting and conserving trees.

Towards the end of 2018 the Hurstpierpoint Society planted five more trees, two in Chestnut Grove, one in Lynton Close, one in Weald Close and one in St Lawrence Way.

These continue the Tree Scheme started by the Society, on the initiative of Paddy Kehoe, in 2011.

Since then 116 trees have been planted, funded by the Society with grants and support from the Parish Council, Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council. We receive requests from residents for either a new tree to improve the street environment or to replace a dying tree. The deal is that the Society will acquire the tree and arrange planting but local residents take on responsibility for watering and caring for the tree near their houses. An oak tree on Albourne Road was funded by the family of a former chairman of the Society.

The scheme has obviously been very successful. It was thought that it would end in 2017.

Four Liquidambar trees were planted on the recreation ground. This year we will plant a new oak tree outside St Lawrence School to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the school. Watch out for more details later. If you have a suggestion about further tree planting, contact committee member Stephen Baldey, email: scbaldey at