5 minutes with... Rachael Babister

Rachael Babister

Rachael Babister

How long have you lived in Hurstpierpoint?
Six years.

What’s the best thing about being here?
The friends I’ve made and being so close to the South Downs and Brighton.

Favourite ice cream flavour?
It has to be mint choc chip!

How many houses have you lived in?
Eight in total, just two in the village.

Favourite holiday destination?
I have a great love of Ibiza.

Your most enjoyable event in the village?
It has to be the St Lawrence Village Fair of course!

Do you share your home with anyone?
My fab hubby Baz, my two gorgeous daughters Lyddia & Caitlin, and not forgetting our furry pets, Twiglet and Splodge.

Song you play the most?
That’s a tricky one - there isn’t really just one. I do love a bit of cheesy pop though!

Mac or PC?
Most definitely Mac.

Your most frequented village shop?
Probably the Co-Op… although some may say The New Inn!

What’s your proudest moment?
Making my family - marrying my husband and having our daughters.

Coke, juice or water?
Ice cold water.

Your advice for life?
Live it! Don’t worry about what other people think and just do what makes you happy!

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