Hurst Life copy dates 2018

Hurst Life is the community magazine for Hurstpierpoint in West Sussex, and its printed every month and distributed to all the homes in Hurst, Sayers Common and Albourne via a team of professional delivery agents. 

In order to help you plan sending in content or advertisement artwork to us, we have listed below all the key dates that you need to know for 2018. 


July 2018
Copy date: Tues 19th June
Distribution: Tues 3rd July

August 2018
Copy date: Tues 17th July
Distribution: Tues 31st July

September 2018
Copy date: Tues 21st Aug
Distribution: Tues 4th Sept

October 2018
Copy date: Tues 18th Sept
Distribution: Tues 2nd Oct

November 2018
Copy date: Tues 16th Oct
Distribution: Tues 23rd Oct

December 2018
Copy date: Tues 20th Nov
Distribution: Tues 4th December

January 2019
Copy date: Tues 11th Dec 2018
Distribution: Fri 28th Dec 2018

February 2019
Copy date: Tues 15th Jan 2019
Distribution: Tues 29th Jan 2019