St Lawrence Fair now Hurstpierpoint Village Fair

Hurstpierpoint Village Fair 2017 - new name, same great fair.

Hurstpierpoint Village Fair 2017 - new name, same great fair.

By Nic Stenning (an excerpt from November 2016's magazine)

Last month the AGM was held for the Village Fair. Thank you to those people who came along. We weren’t packed to the gills but it was nice to see some villagers, trophy winners and stall holders come along to support the committee.

The first part of the evening was to hand out all of our Thank You’s and all of the cups and trophies that were won at each of our events and competitions. We moved on to discussing the 2017 Fair with calls for some ideas for a Theme. We didn’t have any immediate ideas - we would love some suggestions from the village. If you have an idea, think about how ‘wide’ it is - our procession floats, traders windows, stalls decoration and Teddy Bears Picnic activities are all based around it, so we need to give everyone the broadest spectrum to let the imaginative juices flow. Additionally, we would love to hear from anyone who has any ideas for arena displays, fundraisers or really anything that you can contribute ideas-wise.

You may have noticed that we have referred in this article to the Village Fair. The Fair has had lots of different names over the 700 years it has existed. We know that the name of the Fair often gets confused with the wonderful St Lawrence CEP School Fair by traders, advertisers and villagers. We have proposed, and agreed, that we will be changing the name of the Fair from this year to Hurstpierpoint Village Fair, we hope that you agree that this is a great name which does exactly what it says on the tin (sorry Ronseal - blatantly pinched with pride!).

All that is left for us to say is a massive thank you to everyone who helps us out at our Fair events throughout the year. We are a small but merry band and could not do this without you and your support so here’s to 2017’s Hurstpierpoint Village Fair - see you there!

To get in touch with us you can still use our, please send us your offers to help, join the committee, ideas for a 2017 theme and fundraisers ASAP!